See photos of wildlife from other travelers and visitors to the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park, Jasper National Park and Western Canada. Click the 'Upload a Photo' button now to post your own wildlife photos or browse photos from other travelers below. Remember animals in our National Parks are WILD and should never be approached - please click here to read more about wildlife safety in Canada's National Parks.
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baby bear ed meh Jan 02, 2014 high way93s close to bow valley pass July/2013
Room with a view! Danny Bowman Dec 26, 2013 Chipmunk with a great view during Banff Gondola trip.
Black bear @ Icefiels Parkway Gert van der Wouden Dec 02, 2013 Crossing the road without worrying about traffic
Who is in charge here? Klaas van der Veen - the Netherlands Nov 06, 2013 Mountain goats were crossing the Icefield Parkway. These two guys were undecided about the right of way.
Elk(3) Simon Oct 16, 2013 Elk chilling beside the bow river in Banff.
Coyote on the hunt Leigh McAdam Oct 16, 2013 Coyote had been coming straight for us - though we weren't the target
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