Columbia Icefield Shopping and Dining

Columbia Icefield Restaurant

The Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre offers two dining possibilities for guests, a cafeteria and a dining room. Both are located on the second floor of the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre. The cafeteria is open Shopping and Dining at the Columbia Icefielddaily running the same hours as the Glacier Adventure tours, and offers a wide range of food options, from salads to hamburgers. The dining room is open for breakfast and dinner for guests, and then again as a buffet lunch for tour groups. David and Steve Hong manage the food services, which are privately owned by Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chu, through their company, Columbia Icefield Food Services. The Chu family has operated food services at the Columbia Icefield for over 25 years.

Columbia Icefield Curio Shop

The Columbia Icefield Curio Shop is located on the first floor of the Columbia Icefield Discovery Centre opposite the Parks Canada Information Desk. Open from 9 am to 6pm, the Curio Shop offers souvenirs, clothing and postcards; something to suit every tourist. Peter Wright and Associates in Vancouver, BC have operated the Columbia Icefield Curio Shop for over 25 years.